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I was really looking for something natrual for muscle recocery because I push hard so my muscles get really sore. This is really helping so much without ingesting any chemicals. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because this packaging has coarse salt. But all in all I'm loving it.


PROBLEM SOLVED! My problem was that I get very sore after working out and I don't like to take synthetic sumpliments for muscle recovery. After workout, sit in the tub with this lavender pink salt. All good.


Himalayan Pink Bath Salt with Jasmin Oil.

I am French and I when something smells good. I will give this 7 stars if I could. Oh, and I love the small pouch that it comes with.


Himalayan Pink Salt & Turmeric.

So Pink salt definitely tests better than the regular salt.


Fasl is 100% women owned business, providing High Quality, organic, 100% natural spices and Himalayan Pink salt to its customers.

Why Us?

There’s nothing more exciting than finding your passion, then sharing your passion with others around you. At Fasl, we are doing just that! Our passion is to produce high quality foods and make it available to others. Fasl provides the most authentic 100% natural spices and herbs
based out of Northern Virginia area — offering a variety of products at prices they can’t compare. At Fasl, you’re destined to find high quality foods at best price.

We Are a Trusted Brand